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London, United Kindom

The Guardian.co.uk

The annual Guardian Public Services award has been awarded to the Action African Well Woman Centre, based in West London, for the team of counsellors and midwives who offer de-infibulation for the most severe form of FGM. A west London scheme has made treatment for women who have suffered genital mutilation less traumatic, writes Linda Jackson.

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London, United Kingdom 

The German external press service, Deutsche Welle service has an article on how FGM is being combated in schools across Europe. The London Metropolitan police have teamed up with the agency Kids Taskforce (Kids Taskforce aims to set a national standard for the safety information delivered to children throughout the country, working in partnership with individuals and organisations to make children”s lives safer). This initiative aims to secure the first UK conviction for FGM (via the Female Genital Mutilation Act of 1985) despite which, there has yet to be a conviction.

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Paris, France via Romany News, Switzerland

Charlie l’Hebdo

The French Supreme Court today overturned the conviction for defamation of  Charlie l’Hebdo, whose coverage of Brigitte Mauroy, urologist and niece of former French Prime Minister, whose statement in the ‘Dictionary of Human Sexuality – spirit of the times’ was seen as an objective justification for FGM.

Madrid, Spain


Coqui Zarranz reports on the case of a child of Gambian origin, living in Alcaniz, Teruel, with her parents, who underwent FGM in Spain. The judge condemned the father to six years in prison and the child’s mother to two years in jail. This follows the prosecution in 2010 of parents of a Guinean child who now resides in Spain, but who inflicted FGM on their daughter in Guinea when she was one.

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Kenya, Tanzania, East Africa

Nick Oluoch, of the Kenyan daily The Standard, reports on Kenyan girls crossing the border and entering Tanzania to avoid FGM. According to sources, hundreds of girls have disappeared in advance of the December ritual.

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Hamburg, Germany

”Your body has to bear the trace of the knife” by Nina Hansen, NDR.de, reporting on German girls at risk of the practice and efforts made to protect them.

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79 communities have signed up against FGM, child marriage and forced marriage in Senegal. Mamadou Aliou Diallo reports on these positive steps for Le Soleil.

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FGM in Cameroon

The financial side of FGM in Cameroon is discussed in an article published in Le Jour, by Anne Mireille Nzouankeu.

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